When traveling, we recommend being prudent at all time.

  • Give yourself enough time to travel comfortably, respecting road signs and signals.
  • Collect litter and deposit it in appropriate containers.
  • Watch out about fires! Be sure not to leave flammable materials and only make campfires strictly where allowed.
  • Always keep at hand your first-aid kit.

IF you fish and/or camp do so in authorized, licensed places.

Your personal equipment must ensure the necessary comfort.

  • Bring warm clothes and comfortable footwear (sneakers for walks).
  • Don’t forget neither your swimsuit nor a warm jacket and warm headgear.
  • An “attack” or school backpack to carry wraps and snacks to any excursion.
  • Don't forget your medicine and aid-kit, your camera and always carry a penknife, a light rope and electric torch.
  • If you plan walking excursions in some unknown place, get information first!
  • Don't run risks: contract a guide.

Our last wish: enjoy your trip alone or in company, at all moments and places. And come back to visit us!

We are open to your complaints and/or suggestions.